The 4 Rs Challenge

Ready, set… Recommend!
June 16, 2009, 1:50 pm
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Just a reminder… if you haven’t made your recommendations for other participants yet, now’s the time! In order to fully complete the challenge (and to be eligible for end-of-challenge giveaways!), you have to make recommendations for at least five other participants. So head on over to the forums and get recommendin’!

If you haven’t made your recommendations yet (or aren’t sure if you’ve done five), here are some folks who want you to tell them what to read: (Click on the link to head to their recommendation thread.)

Medieval Bookworm‘s looking for “historical fiction, fantasy/sci-fi (only if character-driven), literary fiction, historical romance,YA, and even regular history”.

Vasilly is an eclectic reader who is trying to read more good non-fiction.

Simone‘s trying to get away from Victorian lit into some more contemporary authors, particularly fun historical fiction.

Ashley likes horror, young adult, and chick lit, but is willing to branch out into new genres, and needs you to tell her where to start!

Meaghan wants something “full of drama and suspense” for her summer reading.

Jen‘s looking to break out of her rut of sci-fi and fantasy novels, and diversify the authors she reads.

Think you can help any of those folks out? Head to the forums (remember there’s more than one page!), and while you’re there, click around to the threads of other participants I didn’t list here… They’ll all appreciate your input!

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